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No one group can help everyone in need, but we did find "special people" in "unique places" with "specific needs".  That's where we can make an impact.  Having found people who have the skills and desire to help their villages and their people, but lack a tangible item or equipment or access.  Here are a few of the wonderful people we are working to assist and empower their lives and the lives of those they touch. In this way, often by helping one, we can help many.
Special People
Unique Places
Specific Needs
  1. Meet Na Na
    The only teacher of a village in the Karen State of Burma (Myanmar) who lives one days walk away and brings education to children up to the third grade for the village. Her only book of English did not correctly identify a triangle and a rectangle, yet she and the village are grateful for any education they can get. With even one teacher, they are among the lucky ones. We can help them and others.
  2. Meet En e Htoo
    A young man trying to create a written language for his people, numbering only 5000. He and 3 other men are tasked with preserving this vital piece of their culture, yet they lack even a zip drive to save their work. He is a smart, fast learner with a big heart. Everything about this young man speaks of a tremendous future, but one he does not want without the identity of his language, music and culture. Can you imagine being asked to write a language for future generations?
  3. Meet Me Paw
    A people whose way of life was declared illegal for how they dressed. For years women of the Long Neck Tribe grew into wearing up to 25/lbs. of brass rings around their necks as a sign of beauty. Suddenly they were given the choice of being arrested or fleeing to another country. Escaping into the horrors and uncertainty of refugee camps has been difficult to say the least. Yet they play on with a homemade guitar and violin, tuned meticulously.
  4. Meet the Man Behind the Blue Dot
    A man studying to become a pastor and who has prayed for the Burmese Army even while his life has been in danger for years because of false accusations while he was trying to help a village suffer through forced labor practices and the disappearance of 16 villagers at the hands of the army. His goal is reconciliation for the whole country. He is exactly what these precious people need and what we need more of our world as well.
  5. Meet Saw Lay
    An watercolor artists who wants to start his own orphanage by selling his paintings, but has run out of paint. His first gallery of paintings were lost in a fire the night before. Devastated, he turned he became a teacher at a school inside a refugee camp, when not long after, the school burned down. He still has the desire to help others and through him, so can we.
  6. Meet New Generation School
    The only high school in the area, where students must walk up to 4 days to attend. They love to sing together and work together for the future of their country. Yet they work with the smallest of supplies. Rice being one of them, and so much more. They hunger for education, and are eager and grateful students. A pleasure to work with and want more music and art lessons.